Summer Loving with Self Tanning: Picking the Best Self Tanning Method for You

Many dermatologists recommend that people use tanning lotions as opposed to other tanning options. Tanning products create a safety layer over your skin. They protect the skin from the UV rays of the sun, dust and also other severe climate condition. They also nurture the skin. Hence, these make the skin healthy and balanced, totally moisturised, and radiant. An understanding of what makes up the best self tanning lotion help you find what works best for you. This post guides you on how to pick the best self tanning lotion Australia stores sell:

Why should I use self tanning lotion?

Aside from the fact that it properly hydrates the skin, a self tanning lotion also nurtures the skin and purify it extensively. The moisturiser also eliminates dirt and oil from the pores, while hydrating the skin. In other words, an excellent one makes the skin breathe. For that reason, you should it when needed so your skin becomes softer and more beautiful.


When it comes to tanning, moisturiser is extremely crucial, especially when one’s routine includes using tanning beds. Shea butter, Vitamin E, and silicon are some of the things that are contained in the finest tanning cream.

Healing Aloe

The plant referred to as Aloe Vera is understood for its healing properties and this is primarily due to its gel that contains the naturally cooling and healing properties. Both of which make it the most appropriate for recovery and relaxing sunburnt skin. When tanning for the first time or after a long period of time, it is recommended to use self tanning lotion Australia stores sell that comes with healing aloe.


When buying self tanning products, another thing to keep in mind is a bronzer. The tanning lotion that contains a bronzer comes with a self tanner. A self tanner is an included advantage as it darkens much faster. With a bronzer, you will get a darker tan while tanning in the same amount of time as other products. The self tanning lotion in Australia stores that you ought to buy should include beta-carotene, Vitamin A, and DHA that add to the enhancing and darkening of the skin’s pigment.


Another popular tanning cream is one that tingles and is primarily described as tingling tanning lotion. In addition to providing a deep tan, they speed up the recovery process of the skin. The tingling that includes applying tingling tanning lotions is a result of the chain reaction between the cream and skin that triggers a boost in blood circulation that increases the natural repair work process of the skin and, therefore, you get a protected skin that tans rapidly.

Accelerators and Maximisers

This is because they help develop base tans and add speed, making tanning quicker. The accelerators also include moisturisers that add to a great tanning base on the skin and minimise dryness.

Because of the sun’s harmful rays, getting a tan the natural way is no longer a great idea. If you can’t wait to get that even tan look, use a self-tanning lotion instead of spending time under the sun during the so-called safe timeframe.

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