Erectile Vacuum Pump

Most men out there suffer in silence when they have erectile dysfunction. This does not have to continue anymore now since science has once again led to discoveries that will go a long way in helping patients who previously were unable to have fulfilling sex lives. With the inception oferectile vacuum pumps, men who could not rise to the occasion for a reason or two can enjoy love making with ease.

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ED or erectile dysfunction affects men mainly in their mid-lives. Some years back, only men who were more than 65 years of age suffered from the condition. At the moment however, even youngsters in their early 20s find themselves trapped in this situation. A number of reasons lead to ED including use of hard drugs, stress, weight issues, surgeries and certain illnesses like diabetes, prostate cancer etc. No matter the cause of ED in an individual, there is now help in the form of erectile vacuum pumps. Patients can choose what best suits their needs since they come in varieties. Click here Vacumed

Erectile Vacuum Pumps

Erectile vacuum pumps are cylindrical devices placed on the penis just before an intercourse. There are numerous types on offer and people are advised to use only those prescribed by a qualified practitioner to be safe. The erectile vacuum pump leads to the movement of blood to the penis, making it hard and ready. When used as designed, it can lead to very thrilling experience.

How It Works

The Vacuum Constriction Device, VCD, has acrylic cylinder which can be attached to the penis end directly. At the next end of this cylinder, a constriction band or ring is placed before it is put on the body. Both the pump and cylinder create a vacuum that gives room to the penis to be erect, while the constriction ring or band maintains erection.

How to Use the Device

  • Place the vacuum pump around the penis. One can use a manual pump that can be controlled by the hand or another that uses batteries.
  • Drain air out of the cylinder to create a vacuum. The vacuum then forces blood into the penis shaft, leading to its erection.
  • Using lubrication, push the band on the end of the penis.
  • Release the vacuum and then remove pump.
  • To help retain erection, the constriction band can be left in place during love-making. The band can remain on for the next 30 minutes to have a successful sexual experience.

Note: It is advisable to use vacuum pumps with a prescription. If not, a user should ensure the device is fitted with a quick release. There have been cases of injuries when the device is not able to release the vacuum as intended, or did it quite slowly.

The vacuum pumps for ED have produced satisfactory results in up to 50%-70% of patients. Men who could not enjoy sex due to poor penile blood flow, diabetes, depression and surgery can now have fulfilling sex. However, it is not recommended for patients with bleeding disorder including leukemia and sickle-cell anemia. See more at