Bowen therapy with proven track record of success


As you know, there are several alternative systems of medicines and treatments, like, for example, yoga, meditation, herbal treatments, Reiki, Pranic healing, aromatherapy, bowen treatment and so on. Among all these alternative systems, the bowen treatment is gaining popularity because of the simple procedures followed and also effectiveness of the results following the treatment offered by a bowen therapist Canberra market has today, if you live there.


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In fact, the bowen therapy was successfully adopted on a 15-week premature infant diagnosed to suffer from chronic lung disease and spastic diplegic cerebral palsy.

History of bowen therapy:

Bowen therapy was started by Thomas Ambrose Bowen, a popular therapist of Australia. A public enquiry made during 1975 by the Government of Victoria found that Bowen had by then treated more than 13,000 people with about 80% success rate.

Application of the treatment:

The bowen therapy has been proven to be effective in treating various types of ailments like bedwetting, knee and hip pain, issues relating to bladder, fatigue, digestion, menstrual problems, frozen shoulder and various other types of ailments.

Prior consultation:

Before commencing the procedure, the bowen therapist Canberra market has today will discuss about the ailment and also carefully go through your medical history. Thereafter, the therapist will decide about the kind of Bowen therapy required by you.

Therapy, in brief:

Basically under this type of treatment, the therapist will work on the soft connective tissue also called as ‘fascia’ of the body. During the course of therapy, the bowen therapist Canberra based will ask you to lay down on the therapy table. Then the therapist will apply gentle and relaxing rolling moves on the concerned parts of the body. After a few moments, the therapist will stop the movements and allow you to rest for about two or three minutes. Thereafter, the therapy will again resume. Except the movement of the fingers in a certain manner, the Bowen therapist will not administer any other medicine or topical ointments.

Duration of the treatment:

The breaks in the treatment are intended to allow the body to repair or reset itself. After the break the canberra bowen therapist would again resume the therapy. In the normal course, the duration of the Bowen treatment would last for about 45 minutes, which includes required number of breaks. However, the duration of the break and the duration of treatment are always dependent on the type of ailment, your general health condition and various other factors.


Once you are under Bowen therapy, the bowen therapist in Canberra will normally suggest you not to undergo any other type of alternative system of treatment. There are many institutes that train the Bowen Therapists. These therapists register themselves with the Bowen Therapist State Associations and Federation (BTSAF). As a matter of fact, the Association registers only therapists who have completed the therapy training course from a duly accredited institution. If you are looking for the best bowen therapist Canberra has, you may browse through the website of this Association and you will be able to get the therapist located near your locality. In fact, in the interests of the patients, the Association suggests this therapeutic treatment should be taken only from a registered therapist.

Look for qualified and registered therapists:

If you are planning on undergoing Bowen Therapy then you may visit where you will be able to find sufficiently qualified, trained, experienced and registered Bowen therapists. These therapists always guide you appropriately so that you get the best possible treatment and affordable professional charges.